Witchcraft can be a powerful tool to get us all through tough times. Author Vincent Higginbotham talks with us about his journey in Witchcraft and how it helped him make it through a hard journey. Quick content warning: we get into some heavy stuff in our intro. On Patreon: Vincent offers new suggestions for new Witches early in their journey.

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Our Guest Today:

Vincent Higginbotham did not have the best childhood. He experienced  trauma, abuse, neglect, abandonment, and homelessness for decades. But out of this darkness a practice of witchcraft emerged. Throughout life with the help of witches and mental health professionals he learned that healing was possibly and Magick exists all around us. Today he is an author, a father, husband, and a devotee of Hekate. Vincent knows that all people are born with the ability to affect and change the world around them in both mundane and Magickal ways. It is his soul’s purpose to help others find that power within themselves.

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