Why is the dollar store also a fabulous occult shop? Shane Mason joins us to tell us all about it! (Spoiler alert: a $1 candle works as well as a $20 candle!) They also discuss navigating a highly binary Witchcraft space as a non-binary person. Courtney is an amazing Magickal aunt, Hilary discusses marjoram, and there is a LOT of outrage over who has (and who has not) watched the X Files. A listener is looking for resources to help introduce their 10-year old to Witchcraft. Save the date! October 16-17 is So Mote That Con, our first virtual conferences featuring some of our most popular guests, giveaway, a raffle, and more! Get 10% off at CucinaAurora.com for AMAZING, Magickally-infused olive oils and other food products, or Dawn Hunt’s new cookbook, ‘A Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Love and Romance.’ Enter WITCHLIFE2021 at checkout.

Our Guest Today:

Shane Mason (they/them) is a queer nonbinary person and a witch with over twenty years of experience. They are currently a third degree High Priestess in the Gardnerian tradition, facilitating a coven out of Queens, NY. Their hobbies include divination, sewing, baking thematically appropriate treats for Sabbat celebrations, social media, and all kinds of arts and crafts- the messier, the better. With a background in theatrical production and design, Shane is currently considering writing a book on magical costuming and is secretly hoping you’ll talk them out of it. You can find them on Twitter and YouTube at @ArtemisNYC.

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