Are you looking to purify your home, protect it, or remove negativity in a super-easy way? If so, have you ever heard of Salt Bowls in Magick? Astrea Taylor joins us to talk all about it! Plus, we explore the upcoming Dark Moon, mean people and a photo shoot in an historic heatwave. Full behind-the-scenes video of our first professional photoshoot on Patreon!

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Our Guest Today

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Astrea Taylor is an eclectic pagan witch, writer, and speaker. She’s the author of Intuitive Witchcraft and Air Magic, which both came out during the pandemic. She has published in many anthologies, and she blogs on Patheos as Starlight Witch. She is also a fire dancer and a fiction author as well. Her current project is The Witch’s Guide to the Greek Gods. Visit her webpage for more information at

Resource List

“The Cleansing Power Of Salt Bowls” (Patheos Blog)

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