This week, we’re exploring the Magick of the Otherworld! Chris Allaun, author of Otherworld: Ecstatic Witchcraft for the Spirits of the Land. We also discuss the evolution of Faeries, the question if Otherworld experiences are all in the imagination, and avoiding the trap of the aesthetics of Witchcraft. Digressions include Kanani ‘s Summer Solstice Sunburn, Hilary’s Phoenix horror, and outrage over a dangerous potential legal precedent involving Stormy Daniels. A listener is struggling to cultivate energy and mental images. What can they do to make effective Magick? On Patreon: Chris shares a story of ecstatic trance.

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Our Guest Today

Chris Allaun has been studying magick and witchcraft since 1992. He is an ordained pagan minister with The Fellowship of the Phoenix. He is an initiate of Traditional Witchcraft and the OTO as well as an energy healer and Death Midwife. His mission is to teach others how to reconnect to the three shamanic worlds for healing and balance. He is the author of Otherworld: Ecstatic Witchcraft for the Spirits of the
and Underworld: Shamanism, Myth, and Magick.

Resource List

Stormy Justice (and Justice For Stormy), article by Thumper Forge
“Complete Book Of Witchcraft” Raymond Buckland
Faun (aka “Kanani’s Fabulous Pagan Music”)

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