Witch trials….a thing of the past? Not really! Lucy Fitzgerald of Wine and Crime Podcast joins us to discuss the unbelievable case of Carole of Compton who was faced accusations of Witchcraft in 1982. We also discuss being a Spooky Little Bitch, bringing levity to tough stuff, and how our show might be cursed. Hilary’s discusses sandalwood AND her trip to the hospital avoiding certain death by Crystal Singing Bowl On Patreon: More of our talk with Lucy, plus Courtney’s neighbor’s SUPER scary encounter with a SUPER infamous scary person.

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Our Guest Today

Lucy Fitzgerald is a cohost of Wine & Crime Podcast, and the show’s resident Spooky Lil Bitch. She loves all things macabre, from decomposition to dental diseases. When she’s not polishing her bone collection, she’s reading about the Black Death in her hammock or watching reality TV with her cats

Resource List

Carole Compton Case:
“Something Wicked This Way Comes: A Tale Of Modern-Day Witchcraft”
Sicilian Fires Recall Nanny’s ‘Witch’ Ordeal
The Modern Day Witch Trial Of Carole Compton: How A Scottish Nanny Was Arrested For Witchcraft

Wine and Crime Podcast
Spooky Little Bitch (Patreon)
Lucy’s Awesome Prank
Summer Solstice Spellkits
LlewellynCon 2021
Courtney’s Advanced Tarot Class

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