Who’s the baddest Witch in history? Maybe the Night Witches! Tracy Wilson of Stuff You Missed In History Class podcast joins us to discuss the soviet women fighter pilots, dubbed “The Night Witches.” Digressions include dream logic, the challenges of standard history classes, and the systemic issue of women war heroes being excluded from history and celebration due to their gender and/or race. Also, Space Witch costumes and why you may NOT want to do Magick on this New Moon. A listener is new to Witchcraft but is struggling to find their unique Magickal gifts. What should they do to find them? On Patreon: Take the poll! What herbs should Hilary plant?

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Our Guest Today

Tracy Wilson has cohosted Stuff You Missed in History Class with Holly Frey since 2013. Their podcast digs into topics that haven’t gotten enough attention in the world of history–whether they’re weird, wonderful, scary or sad. Tracy’s love of history started to grow in college, with four required humanities courses that gave her a more holistic way to approach the past and how it affects the present. Tracy spends her downtime much like she spends her time at work: reading, writing, tinkering and brooking only the most delightful nonsense

Resource List

Stuff You Missed In History Class Podcast
The Night Witches (Wikipedia)
UFO Parade

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