This gorgeous episode has our hearts singing. Dr. Maria DeBlassie joins us to discuss Brujeria, what it is and what it is not, as well as the Magick of New Mexico and healing ancestral trauma through both Magick and fiction. Digressions include Breaking Bad and why Kanani should never watch it, the return of the screaming goat, Shadow and Bone, and what we loved and hated about Game of Thrones. Plus, Courtney’s big scare. A listener came across an old binding spell to someone who is no longer alive. What is the best way to set it, and him, free? On Patreon: How Brujeria has influenced Magickal practices among people who aren’t of a Latinix background, and what Witches who aren’t from a Brujeria background can learn from it.

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Our Guest Today

Dr. Maria DeBlassie is a native New Mexican mestiza blogger, award-winning writer, and award-winning educator living in the Land of Enchantment. She writes about everyday magic, ordinary gothic, and all things witchy. When she is not practicing brujeria, she’s teaching classes about bodice rippers, modern mystics, and things that go bump in the night. She is forever looking for magic in her life and somehow always finding more than she thought was there. Find out more about Maria and conjuring everyday magic at

Resource List

LlewellynCon 2021
American Brujeria (book) by J. Allen Cross
Moon Books
Molly Morgan
Future Human/Alien Article

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