Witches love crystals, but do they really possess Magickal energy? How do they influence Magick? Geologist and Witch Kathleen Borealis gives us scientific AND spiritual insight into crystals. Digressions include geologic forces in Magick, natural disasters, the potential immediate death of the universe and why it’s a bad idea to bring those things up at a Christmas party. Hilary talks oregano, Courtney shares what she’s afraid of (other than tornadoes), Kanani reviews ‘Shadow and Bone.’ A listener wants to work with their Ancestral Magick, but Christianity took over so much of their Ancestral homeland! Is there anything that can be done? On Patreon, Kathleen shares how to ethically source crystals.

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Our Guest Today

Kathleen Borealis is the hostess of the Borealis Meditation Podcast, an earth science podcast for everyone on a spiritual path. She has a graduate degree in geology and works as a research geologist and is also a lifelong witch and self identifying pagan. Both her professional work and outreach focuses on helping people live with and understand our amazing planet. She currently lives in Southeast Asia but is from the Pacific Northwest and has also called Alaska and Hawaii home. She is passionate about bridging the gap between the spiritual and science worlds, and does outreach not only with her podcast for the past decade but also through social media. She recently also started #WitchesWearMasks to show support to the vulnerable members of the community during the pandemic. 

Resource List

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Cryptocurrency information:
“Why Cryptocurrency Is Bad For The Environment” (The New Yorker)
“Why Everyone From Elon Musk To Janet Yellon Is Worried About Bitcoin’s Energy Usage” (CNBC)

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