Guess what, Witches? DRAGONS!!! Laura Daligan joins us to discuss working Magick with these powerful beings and how they might appear in a person’s spiritual journey, and gives us a sneak peek of her online class! Plus, Magick for the New Moon, the (unfortunate) manifestation of Kanani’s Tarot reading, and Courtney’s big idea (YOU are invited to be part of it!). A listener is looking for some suggestions on spells for artistic inspiration and completing projects and building community and connection. Where should they look for resources for those topics? On Patreon: Laura’s stories of Glastonbury, plus more bonus content!

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Our Guest Today

Laura Daligan is an internationally renowned Mystic, Artist, Spiritual Teacher, Fire Dancer, Musician, animal lover, and advocate currently resides in Glastonbury, UK. Laura has appeared on various TV channels including BBC, ITV, C4, and MTV and has been featured in a plethora of magazines and has enjoyed writing columns for FAE magazine, Chat, The Magical Times and Spellcraft. From a wealth of magical and personal experience, she has created range of innovative and empowering courses where she teaches both online and in person. She graduated from Falmouth College of Arts with BA (Hons) Illustration, and since then, her mythic and visionary art has appeared in books, magazines, and exhibitions. As one of the original “YouTube Witches,” Laura’s popular and friendly channel has gained a global following and been growing for over a decade now. She is also writing her first series of books, based on her Magickal and spiritual path.


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UFO Festival
Courtney’s New Class: Tarot for Spellwork

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