One of the toughest challenges for Witches and Magickal people is navigating families that just don’t get it. Crystal Blanton, LCSW, joins us to discuss ways we might gently lay our boundaries while still being true to ourselves as Witches, and engage in healthy conversations about our beliefs and practices. Digressions include ‘The Craft’: Original or Remake? Plus, Courtney reads Kanani’s Tarot after a disappointing experience, a VERY truthful letter “from Kanani,” and a hilarious text interruption. After a devastating loss, a listener is having powerful dreams. Could it be a visitation? Full interview on Patreon. Audio transcript to follow.

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Our Guest Today

Crystal Blanton is a Witch, author, Licensed clinical social worker, and all-around BadAss. Her work is heavily rooted in activism and social justice. She is the editor of “Shades of Faith and Shades of Ritual”  and the co-editor of “Bringing Race to the Table”. She lives in the Bay Area and her favorite Witchcraft movies is “The Craft” (the original). 

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Crystal Blanton, LCSW
Morgan Daimler

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