A new show about Witches??? We are joined by three members of the production team of Thorn Trees, an independently produced series about a grieving witch who recruits a repentant witch-hunter in Elizabethan England to help save her family from a corrupt Bishop intent on murder. The team chats with us about the journey to creating this piece, the challenge of indie production, and the desire to tell a different story. Digressions include birth stones, ash and doughnut theft, and head-biting. A listener has heard “that time of the month” is the best for Magick…but what if they feel like crap at “that time”? On Patreon: Extended, ad-free episode plus deep-dive with the creators. 

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Our Guests Today:

We are joined today by three members of the “Thorn Trees” production team: creator and producer Valerie Mich’El Oliver, producer Bernadette Montana, and creator, screenwriter, and producer Jacob Larch. “Thorn Trees” is an independently produced series about a grieving witch who recruits a repentant witch-hunter in Elizabethan England to help save her family from a corrupt Bishop intent on murder. The team decided to indie-produce themselves after pitching and discovering that the entertainment industry is attached to a tradition of witch-based stories being either horror or fantasy, that perpetuates stereotypes that are disrespectful and maintain prejudice–that very often includes metaphysical practitioners and other lightworkers as recipients. They were committed to not going down that path. One of their producers is a Wiccan High Priestess & pipe carrier. Another is a healing artist, pipe carrier, and is a Christian ordained minister. The team practices many faiths and walks different spiritual paths –respectful of each other, committed to telling a realistic story about a Pagan family led by a strong, female protagonist.

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