A special thanks to our sponsors! See below for listener specials. What is a thought form? Why are they helpful in Magick? Witch and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Phoenix Coffin-Williams helps us explore these questions as well as different planes of existence, how thoughts become reality, and when a thought form has reached its expiration date. Kanani shares her experience with living with a thought form. Courtney shares New Moon Magick for January. Digressions include corset adventures and an awful premonition come true. A listener’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Is there a way to help promote his healing from a distance? On Patreon–Phoenix shares his advice developing a thought-form practice.

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Our Guest Today

Phoenix Coffin-Williams is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. He is the founder of his own Holistic Mental Health & Coaching company in New York. Trained in Correllian Wicca, Rev. Phoenix focuses on combining occult strategies with empirically supported methods to deliver quality care, counseling, and lasting change. Phoenix is the Chief priest of the Temple of Holistic Knowledge, a non-denominational, Wiccan Temple where the importance of utilizing Magickal skill to positively impact communities is emphasized. Phoenix is an  acclaimed Arch Priest of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. Additionally, Phoenix enjoys various forms of fitness, is a proud foodie, enjoys puns and dad jokes equally as much as sarcasm and sex jokes. His favorite drink is a Long Island Iced Tea. He misses being able to give literally everyone a hug upon greeting them.

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Phoenix Coffin-Williams Tutorial on Thought Forms (YouTube)
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