Thank you, as always, to our wonderful sponsors! See below for special deals for listeners! Endora, Glinda, Maleficent, Elsa, Willow…..squee! Jessica Mason of The Mary Sue geeks out with us over our favorite pop culture Witches! We explore how many Witches find their Magickal paths through pop cultures, and how movies and television can make us believe in Magick as well as find hope when it’s not always easy to find. Plus, what to do when a favorite authors or artist reveals a super-problematic nature? Kanani reveals her hatred of a beloved fantasy epic and Courtney shares th best holiday music for Witches (in HER opinion). A listener is interested in mythology or deities representative of child-free women, but keep running into patriarchal crap! Where else can they look? On Patreon: Stories of Nicole Kidman and a Disneyland bathroom, and horror stories on the set of a beloved Witch movie. Audio transcript to follow.

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Our Guest Today

Jessica Mason is an assistant editor The Mary Sue, a website where intersectional feminism meetsthe geek world. There she covers everything from paganism to politics and pop culture every day. Prior to her work as a writer, Jessica studied opera in undergrad, then graduated from Lewis and Clark School of law in Portland to practice family law before turning back to a creative career. Jessica’s work focuses on fandom, queer representation, and women (especially witchy ones) in pop culture. She has appeared on panels at conventions like Geek Girl Con, Emerald City Comic Con, and Rose City Comic Con and interviewed actors and creators, covered red carpets, and visited sets from shows like “Supernatural, “Sabrina,” The Arrowverse, and more. Her writing on Supernatural was recently published in the anthology There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done: Actors and Fans Celebrate the Legacy of Supernatural.”

Resource List

Contact Jessica:
Reel Magick Podcast (Twitter: @reelmagickpod)
Jessica Mason on Twitter
Jessica Mason on The Mary Sue
Jailbreaking the Goddess (book by Lasara Firefox Allen)
Lore Olympus
Courtney’s Holiday Music Recs:
Annie Lennox: “A Christmas Cornucopia
Gregorian: “Christmas Chants–Live in Berlin”
Blackmore’s Night: “Winter Carols”
Loreena McKennitt: “A Midwinter Night’s Dream”
Tori Amos: “Midwinter Graces”
Medieval Babes: “Mistletoe and Wine”

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