A special thanks to Sacred Mists Academy and Shoppe for Sponsoring this episode! Please see below for listener specials! We set intention, we cast the spell…but do we give thanks? Sara Walka of The Sisters Enchanted joins us to discuss the role of gratitude in Magic and how it strengthens spells, as well as how to build (and stick with!) a gratitude practice. Other topics include inclusivity in Magick circles and the curse of The King Midas Touch. Kanani’s Witchlet reviews “Room On The Broom,” Hilary discusses apple, and your hosts completely fall apart over stories of phantom vans, highway paranoia, and pants-stealing. A listener is curious about using honey granules in sweetening spells. Would that work in place of liquid honey? Audio transcript to follow.
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Our Guest Today

Sara Walka, M.Ed. is the Founder of The Sisters Enchanted. Since 2016 she has helped thousands of women lean into their intuition, conjure joy, and make everyday magic. Sara believes that a little bit of enchantment, wonder, and mysticism goes a long way in creating a life that feels fun, purposeful, and spacious. 

Resource List

Contact Sara:
The Sisters Enchanted

The Enchanted Forest
Room on the Broom book by Julia Donaldson
Room on the Broom show (also available on Netflix)

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