Episode 58: Grounding And Center With Joi Bonman

A special thanks to Sacred Mists Academy and Shoppe for Sponsoring this episode! Please see below for listener specials!What a week/year/four years! Never have we needed grounding and centering more than we do now. But does it mean to ‘ground and center’? Why is it important in Magick? Joi Bonman, Witch and self-care queen, joins us to talk about the necessity of grounding and centering, as well as its connection to self-care. Our apologies to Scorpios…we’re totally mean to you in this episode! Plus, Courtney reads Tarot for Hilary and Kanani using Rachel True’s True Heart Intuitive Tarot. A listener in the military wonders how can they maintain a consistent Witchcraft practice with a transient lifestyle, a conservative family, and no place to practice privately. To hear a grounding and centering practice led by Joi, join us on Patreon!

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Our Guest Today

Joi Bonman is a self-care queen with a CBD Skincare + Self-Care company called My Earth Goddess where she uses herb and healing magic to help others. Joi is the one who will always encourage you to make time for yourself and do your shadow work. As an herb and nature witch and a Virgo to boot, Joi is here to help and heal.

Resource List

Contact Joi:
Facebook–Joi Bonman
IG– myearthgoddesscbd
Lil’ Black Witch Podcast
The Office Ladies Podcast
The True Heart Intuitive Tarot
“The Dangerous Goddess” Virtual class with Courtney
The Enchanted Forest and GoFundMe

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3 thoughts on “Episode 58: Grounding And Center With Joi Bonman

  1. This was such an informative podcast and so needed right now for the world. Great recommendations for self care.. i think we forget to do this too often…..especially in 2020.Thank you Witches for another amazing episode.

  2. Good evening witches,

    Your listener question this week came from a service member. This person has a tittle 9 right to practice in the service. They should contact their unit chaplain. That chaplain is required to provide religious services for all of the service members in their unit (clearly they do not perform these services). As such, they are required to provide a space for this service member to perform their own rites.

    However the service member is often prohibited from using candles or incense in the barracks as they are not allowed an open flame there.

    If you would like, my Wiccan church has a branch that supports service members, and maintains several open circles on military installations. The church is called “The Sacred Well” if looking for the website it is SacredWell.org (not .com that is a metaphysical shop) they can also look into Circle Sanctuary

    The Sacred Well is working toward sponsoring a Military Chaplain, and Circle Sanctuary was the organization which pushed through the authorization for the pentacle headstone.

    If you would like to pass my contact information along I am at edgewitch@yahoo.com

    May you all be blessed by the gods,

    Becky Adams

    PS I absolutely love your podcast

    1. Thank you, Becky! We will read your comment aloud on our next episode and although we won’t read your email address aloud, we will encourage the listener to contact us if they’d like to connect with you and we’re happy to help make that happen. Thank you again for your service and your support.

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