This is normally when the annual Burning Man Festival would take place but it is sadly canceled this year (thanks, Covid). Doctor Beverley returns to talk about the Magick of Burning Man, the festival’s culture and her role as a Temple Guardian at this event. She describes Spiritual and Magickal moments of simply being at the event, and the blessings and challenges of doing rituals at Burning Man. We also discuss the California wildfires and the devastating storms in the Midwest. Cover art courtesy of Doctor Beverley. Audio transcript to follow.

Our Guest Today

Doctor Beverley’s bio: Doctor Beverley is a “two-headed” conjure woman, an empath, and a justified spiritual worker. She is a Rootworker, a diviner skilled in bone reading and tarot. Formerly a Druid high priestess of the Druidic Craft of the Wise: the American Rite, she is a life-long student of herbalism, aromatherapy, African-American and Caribbean-American folk magic. Doctor Beverley custom-blends and handcrafts spiritual baths, condition soaps, oils, & sachets (in small batches, freshly made-to-order for each client). A Reiki Master and long-time yogi, she believes in the Mind-Body-Soul connection to spiritual growth and healing. Doctor Beverley is available for readings, rootwork, and spiritual counseling. She has a soft spot for sex workers, dancers, gamblers, and all those who are discriminated against in any way. She may be found on Facebook: Doctor Beverley, Spiritual Gangsta and online at

Resource List

Connect with Doctor Beverley:
Burning Man Virtual Burn
Original convo with Doctor Beverley, including Burning Man Pics
Help for Iowa:
United Way Of East Central Iowa
Food Bank of Iowa
The Eastern Iowa Diaper Bank
The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation

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