Get your first 10-minute reading with Keen for only $1.99: Because you deserve answers. Thank you to Keen for sponsoring this episode! The forest has been a place for Witch since, well, always! Author Jake Richards talks with us about the role of the forest in Magick and shares with us some of the Appalachian folkore and practices shaped by the forest. We discuss the sympathetic nature of the forest as well as respected it as an ecosystem both dangerous and vulnerable. We also touch on working with the Bible in Witchcraft and the role of faith in productive spellwork. Courtney shares some Blue Jay lore, Hilary talks about the Magickal uses of mint, and Kanani reviews “Witches of Eastwick” (and also how she is a sea hag). Plus, meet Walter the Angry Squirrel! We answer Listener questions: Is the Goddess Lilith related to Satan? What do you do when a spell works a little TOO well? For more stories from Jake that we just couldn’t fit in the episode, become a Patron today and get bonus content!

Our Guest Today

Jake Richards grew up in the foothills and mountains of East Tennessee, knee deep in creek mud one day and looking out from Big Ridge Mountain. He is melungeon, a group of tri-racial folks in the corner of East Tennessee who have always held magic and stories close to us. His maternal grandfather was a Freewill Baptist preacher who cured warts, charmed blood, talked out fire, and had the Sight. Most of his grandmothers “Dreamed True” and knew a remedy for just about anything that usually included Vics rub in some form. His Mama is a Seventh Daughter and has always had a healing touch, particularly with children. Her mother had the Sight and her father was the preacher. Jake’s Papaw’s mother, Mamaw Seagle, always had oil lamps burning with “dirt” in the basin as mama called it. Nana’s father, James, he believes was a conjuror of some sort, due to a photo they found of him posed before an old country back drop, holding a plastic doll baby wrapped in some kind of fabric with black feathers attached to the back of the doll. Jake’s grandfathers were farmers who planted by the signs, who carried roots and coon hats for good game in hunting, and water witched to located wells and springs with sunny-side twigs. As time has gone by and most of his elders have passed away, Jake has dedicated his life to the teaching, preservation, and practice of Appalachian Folk Magic and has worked these roots for little more than a decade. His knowledge is gleaned from family stories, his mother and grandmothers, and folks he’s come across growing up, and his own studies. Today most folks know him as old Buck or Dr. Buck.

Resource List

Jake Richards on Facebook
Little Chicago Conjure (Jake’s Website)
Jake Richards Twitter: @jakerichards131
Jake Richards IG
Jake email:
Jake blog: Holy Stones and Iron bones
Backwoods Witchcraft by Jake Richards
Folk Lore in the Old Testament
When God Was Queer Podcast
Blue Jay Lore
The Witches of Eastwick (Film)
A History of God by Karen Armstrong

Kanani’s Braggy-Pants Pics And Hilary’s Busted Ankle

Tillamook State Forest
Kanani’s Recording Studio
Mckenzie Falls
Hilary’s busted ankle

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