Do you ever notice how Witches LOVE tattoos? Did you know tattoos can be Magickal tools? Ritual tattooing is a powerful way to mark a moment of significance, but is also a way to manifest the changes you desire. Guest Habba Nero joins us to discuss how the act of getting tattooed is a ritual itself. She shares with us the history Icelandic staves and how she utilizes them in her tattoo work. We also discuss diving into fear, and the transformation in doing so. Digressions include adventures at a lavender farm and the Enchanted Forest, and Courtney’s encounter with an Earth Spirit (Guess what? It doesn’t look like a Disney movie). We answer a listener question: Does someone have to be naked or engage in sexual activity to join a Coven? (Spoiler alert: NO!) Audio transcript to follow.

Our Guest Today

Photo by Sunna Ben

Habba Nero is an Icelandic travelling tattoo artist. She is a former student of the Iceland Academy of the Arts whodecided to direct her creative energy into tattooing and pursue her dream in the field. She works exclusively by hand, without the use of an electric tattoo machine, and studied under the guidance of Boff Konkerz, a machine-free tattooist with over 15 years of experience in the field. All of her designs are applied to the skin by hand using a simple tool she makes herself. She likes to tattoo a wide range of subjects, Icelandic magical staves being her favourite subject, images from nature (animals, plants, etc.) and is a huge fan of drawing stencils on free-hand. In the past years she has worked guest-spots and conventions in the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, France, England, Scotland, India and the United States.

Resource List

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Habba Nero’s Work (Images by Habba Nero and Sunna Ben)

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