It is said that the greatest tool of the Witch is the Self. Special guest Chaweon Koo discusses how our bodies and how we express ourselves are the most powerful sources of Magick, and how everyday items of adornment–from clothes, to jewelry, to make-up, become part of a Witch’s personal sorcery. Other topics include the case of the missing Familiar, Hilary’s spectacular performance (which you can catch online!), wicked sunburns, and why the f*ck won’t people wear their g*******d masks??? We want to give the biggest thanks to all of our new Patreon supporters! For access to special content and goodies, become a Patron today! Audio transcript to follow.

Our Guest Today

Chaweon Koo is a Korean-American witch. She runs the YouTube channel “Witches & Wine” where she interviews experienced occultists, and explores the intersection of pop culture, glamour, magic, and self-development on Tik Tok. Her other social media:

Resource List

“Witches and Wine” on YouTube
Follow Chaweon on Social Media
City Lights Theater Company–“Transfigurations” (Hilary’s performance)
Courtney’s Hekate Class
Sharon Kiara–Gift Horse Gems
Mermaid Parade
William Dorsey Swann

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