Have we met our doppelgänger??? If so, it’s Paige Vanderbeck of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast, who joins us to talk about walking an untraditional Witchcraft path. Spoiler alert: this episode is full of rabbit holes, which include the intangible in Witchcraft, speaking with Spirits, crossing “The Quarantine Line,” and Sasquatch. Also, Hilary is mad because Courtney and Kanani won’t let her open her birthday presents early. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review us on your favorite podcast platform! Have you checked out our Etsy store?

Our Guest Today

Paige Vanderbeck has been the host of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast since 2015, but rode into witchcraft on the Wiccan wave of the 90s. Despite being a total Capricorn, she’s always entertained the mystical and unbelievable and has made the search for it her life’s purpose. She’s written and spoken about modern witchcraft, fat acceptance, and feminism on her own website, Medium, Revelist, The Dot, Flare; and on the New World Witchery, Magick and Mediums, Cannabis Act, and Hippie Witch podcasts. She trained as a doula with toLabor in NYC, studied history and humanities at Douglas College in British Columbia, and graduated from the Tourism and Travel program at St. Clair College in Ontario. Paige lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada with her cat Clover, a betta named Fish, and a house full of ghosts. Visit her online at thefatfeministwitch.com

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