We’re social distancing! What is a Witch to do during quarantine? We’ve got a whole list of online courses, books, and other resources to keep you company while you hide out at home. Digressions include 90’s true crime, Hilary’s not-quite-panic-buying Magick supplies, Kanani being forced to home-school, and the time Courtney auditioned for reality tv.
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Resource List

Online Witchcraft Resources:
Irish Language Classes on Future Learn
Benebell Wen: Introduction to Taoist Occultism (YouTube Series)
Reflections Mystery School
Sacred Mists Wiccan College
The Irish Pagan School
Queen Auset-Heru: Romance and Relationships
Gede Parma
The House Of Twigs (Erika Fortner)
Fantasia Crystals
Magic in the Middle Ages via University of Barcelona

Southern Fried Witch
New World Witchery
Fat Feminist Witch
Modern Witch
Hoof and Horn
The Blackthorn Grove
Toasted Sister
How To Survive The End Of The World
You’re Wrong About

Tarot Wisdom
Quiet Mind, Fearless Heart
Starbright: Meditations for Children
Sitting Still Like A Frog: Mindfulness Exercises For Children
Teaching Your Children Meditation
A Handful of Quiet: Happiness in Four Pebbles

Duality–Dead Can Dance

How is the Coronavirus affecting you? Let us know how you’re weathering things!