What if the Salem Witch Trials convicted actual Witches? Phillip “The Doctor” Reese of “History’s What If” Podcast helps us explore how, in a parallel universe, this would have changed course of American history. We also discuss fact vs. fiction of the Inquisition and the European Witch hunts and pose the question: How would a Witch hunter detect a modern Witch? (Hint: They know their pet’s sun sign…)

Our Guest Today

Phillip Reese, or The Doctor, is a former American theoretical physicist.   His work has included advance quantum computing operations, research on control of quantum systems and quantum information processing.  While he has received some praise, the scientific community has overwhelmingly shunned him because of his unique theories on time and space paired with his “march to his own drum” personality.  This consequently led to his self imposed exile.  A few years later, his studies and unconventional creativity lead him to the ground breaking quantum computer application called the Parallel Universe Generator (PUG).  With PUG, the Doctor is able to explore the “What If” during historical events with a weekly podcast called History’s What If.

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