It’s been a whole, glorious year talking Witchcraft with you all! This episode was recorded live at The Raven’s Wing metaphysical store in Portland, OR. Although we had a couple of technical issues (please excuse the glitch around the end of the first hour), we have so many wonderful things to share today. Special guest Iris Meredith Bell talks about the best ingredients to keep in your Witch’s cabinet, and gives us an exclusive look into the world of a Witch shop owner…including some of the stranger requests she’s received. We talk about the shift from Capricorn to Aquarius and the upcoming New Moon on January 24th and the best Magick to make with it (hint: Great for business, NOT great for love!). We also discuss ethical sourcing in Witchcraft and answer some excellent questions from listeners! Plus, Kanani reviews Bram Stoker’s Dracula and we pull the winner of our Instagram giveaway! To have your questions answered on a future episode, email us at Video (including ASL interpretation) can be found on our IG account, and our Facebook account (FB video does not include ASL).

Our Guest Today

Iris Meredith Bell has been a witch, ritualist, and tarot reader for over 25 years. Her mother was her first teacher in the craft. She has a passion for mythology, crystals and stones, and helping people find their next steps. Iris is a student of astrology and herbal medicine. She holds an MA in Philosophy and Religion, and a third degree High Priestesshood in the Evensong Tradition of Wicca. Iris is the general manager, Portland store manager, buyer, and a tarot reader at The Raven’s Wing Magical Co.

Resource List

That Witch Life Etsy Store
The Raven’s Wing (Portland, OR and Oakland, CA)
The Native Flame
New Leaf Distributors
The Witch’s Cauldron
Manannan Mac Lir
The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines
Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess
“How To Win A Facebook Argument”