“Lesbian mermaids forever!!!”

Hooray! Hilary’s back! Kanani gets a second chance to fangirl all over Annwyn Avalon, who joins us to discuss Water Witchcraft. We are talking all about mermaids…including the new Ariel! We also discuss the need for inclusivity in magical art. Annwyn shares with us how to utilize Water Magick, even when you live in a dry place, including the use of the moon and the tides (whether or not you’re close to the coast), “smushing rituals,” Magickal energies of different types of rain, and a plethora of other methods of water Magick. She also discusses water spirits you might not have heard of, including a very different Lady of the Lake. Courtney talks about her recent house-cleansing spell. Kanani talks about being an equal-opportunity plant-killer and how she never reads Courtney’s books. Please keep Hilary’s dog Riley on your healing altars, who is recovering from a serious knee surgery.

Our Guest Today

Photo credit: Luna Dorada

Annwyn Avalon is an initiated Priestess and Witch who’s path focuses on Water and serving the Spirits and Gods/ess that dwell with in. Her focus is on Sacred Wells, Rivers and Lakes but she enjoys time at the Sea Shore as well. She expresses her path through witchcraft, watercolor painting and sacred movement which focuses on devotional and theatrical water themed Belly dance pieces. She is the founder and teacher of Triskele Rose Witch and the 9 month Water Magic Course and is also the author of the book “Water Witchcraft- Water Magic from Celtic Countries” (Weiser 2019)  www.WaterWitchcraft.com

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