Many Witches came to the Craft because of psychic experiences. Can anyone develop psychic ability, or is it something you must be born with? What does it all mean? What do you do when the psychic moments are too much? If you call yourself a psychic, do you have to be accurate ALL of the time? Guest Mat Auryn, author of the forthcoming Psychic Witch, helps answer some of these questions and more. Your favorite Witches also discuss their own psychic experiences. We even get a little political, discussing current leaders and society’s collective shadow and how both have influenced the rise in Witchcraft, today.

Plus, Courtney’s new book is available for pre-order! Also, a reminder to shop local, the worst thing you can say to an author (or singer), Courtney is psychically connected to Kanani’s birth control for whatever reason, and Hilary has better friends than everyone else.

Our Guest Today

Image Credit: Michael LeFleche @chillcatstudio

Mat Auryn is a witch, professional psychic, and occult teacher throughout the New
England. He has been drawn to the occult and metaphysical since an early age, reading
books on witchcraft at eight years old. He is an initiate of Black Rose Witchcraft, The
Cabot-Kent Hermetic Temple, and the Temple of Witchcraft. He is currently a High
Priest in the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft. Mat has had the honor and privilege of studying under Christopher Penczak, Laurie Cabot, Devin Hunter, Storm Faerywolf, Chas Bogan, Jason Miller, and other prominent witchcraft teachers and elders. He runs the blog For Puck’s Sake on Patheos Pagan and writes the column “Extra Sensory Witchcraft” in Witches & Pagans Magazine. He has been featured in various magazines, radio shows, podcasts, books and other periodicals such as Witch Way Magazine, DisInfo, and The Wild Hunt. To find out more about him and his work visit

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