Episode 5: The Goddess in Witchcraft with Frodo Okulam

Today, we’re talking all about the Goddess! Frodo Okulam, professor at Portland State University, joins us to talk about the history of the Goddess and her own journey into Witchcraft. We also discuss modern swings in Witchcraft popularity and acceptance, Magickal book and Netflix recommendations, and fully inappropriate movie that’s good for Witchy souls. Plus, Kanani’s kids have always known she keeps a cauldron and talks to spirits, but only NOW do they think their Mom is a Witch because of one surprising reason…

Our Guest Today

Frodo Okulam obtained her Doctorate in Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary/Marylhurst University, an M.A. in Theology from Mount Angel Seminary and has been an Assistant Professor with the Women’s Studies Department since 2000. Frodo’s teaching and research interests include Eco-Feminist and Eco-Justice Spirituality; Earth-Centered Spiritual Traditions; Spirituality and Activism; and Wisdom Traditions. These interests are reflected throughout the courses she teaches. Some of the courses that Frodo has created and taught are Women’s Spirituality, Ritual in Culture and Daily Life, paganisms Past and Present, Goddess Pre & Early history, Feminist Biblical Interpretation, and many more. In addition to authorship of several publications, she has also been the Coordinator of an eclectic women’s spirituality group called SisterSpirit since 1985. Frodo has a very broad spiritual background that embraces many traditions and centers on female divine imagery and women’s experience. She invites students to pursue their own interests, and encourages creative thinking.

Resources List:
Marie Kondo
The Witch’s Book of Self-Care
The Little Hours
Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
Barbara Mor: “The Great Cosmic Mother”

Join us on March 18 to discuss Springtime Magick with special guest Luna Pantera!

2 thoughts on “Episode 5: The Goddess in Witchcraft with Frodo Okulam

  1. Such a fabulous podcast! Thank you for helping new witches like me find our place and develop our craft in this life! Blessed be.

  2. I have a tile above my back door that says Shalom y’all. I’m going to need another one over my front door that says Mote that s**t.

    Quote of the month (and probably beyond).

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